Phil Cannella Comes to the Aid of Hurricane Sandy Victims – Phil Cannella Media

Phil Cannella made a meaningful contribution

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella, made a strong and meaningful contribution to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The physical and emotional devastation that natural disasters can bring about is very, very, very alarming. We’ve all seen this all too often and Phil Cannella has witnessed many himself in his very colorful life.

Phil Cannella made a sizable donation

It is for the betterment of the people around him that Phil Cannella decided to make a sizable donation to the Red Cross in their relief efforts to help the people of New Jersey. He made a donation of $12,500 to the Red Cross!

In fact, what Phil Cannella did was quite genius. He promoted one of his Crash Proof Educational events and offered a $25 donation for every person who attended and he held not one but two events in the same week with hundreds of people attending.

Phil Cannella is renowned for his humanitarian efforts to causes such as Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Now Phil Cannella has taken his philanthropic efforts a step further and by making this donation to the victims of Hurricance Sandy is lending a hand financially to bring succor to those who need it. The Red Cross should also be thanked for their efforts both hands on and through fundraising.

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