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Why Are Bank Branches Disappearing?

You may have noticed that branches of many different banks have closed recently. Actually a lot of bank branches have closed. Customers of many different banks have had to start banking solely online rather than trying to find another branch to replace one of the ones that have closed. While you may think this is probably the worst of it, chances are, it’s not. Over the course of the next ten years, close to half of all of the branches of banks in the United Read More +

Facts and Myths Regarding Social Security

Social Security can be confusing to those who want to start receiving payments or just in general.  People tend to believe what others are telling them, which often times leads them to believe things that are not true.  When talking about Social Security, what you don’t know can cost you some serious cash. Here are some common Social Security myths that we’re going to debunk for you.   You retire at 65. Years ago, retiring at age 65 was the normal age in which to Read More +

How Much $ Should You Be Saving for Retirement Each Year?

Deciding how much money you should be saving towards your retirement each year can definitely be confusing. There are a few ways to figure out how to know exactly how much to put into your retirement savings. When deciding how much you should be saving you need to think about a yearly savings rate, a savings factor, an income replacement rate, and a withdrawal rate. As a general rule, you should save at least 15% of your income, before taxes. Also, you should plan to Read More +

Dr. Ken Smith explains how Phil Cannella helped him become Crash Proof

Phil Cannella has helped over 4,000 people become CrashProof, using the exclusive CrashProof Retirement System.  Dr. Ken Smith is one of them.  Dr. Smith is a dentist and has been CrashProof for the past five years. As you can imagine, working as a dentist requires a fiduciary responsibility, meaning that Dr. Smith must legally and ethically put his patients’ needs before his own. Unfortunately, that responsibility can be taken for granted. It’s not surprising that a dentist or any doctor would put his patient’s first, Read More +

Phil Cannella Shows The Illusion of Mutual Funds

Phil Cannella has a strong reputation for fighting “the powers that be” on Wall Street, exposing their conflicts of interest and lack of willingness to act in the consumer’s best interest. His latest mission centers on the Statement of Additional Information – Wall Street’s dirty little secret! But Phil Cannella admits that Wall Street’s done a great job of keeping that secret—so great, in fact, that most financial advisors don’t even know the Statement of Additional Information exists! “We’ve all heard about the Book of Read More +

Phil Cannella Warns Investors about the “Bond Bubble”

Phil Cannella has spent almost 40 years in the insurance industry, so he knows a safe investment when he sees one. And according to Phil Cannella, the bond market is not a safe investment for retirement savings. Research from Retirement Media Inc. found that Moody’s, a leading provider of credit ratings, research, and risk analysis, has downgraded the credit rating of America’s 3rd-largest city to junk-bond levels. Moody’s rating system, which grades bonds from Aaa to C, makes a distinction between investment-grade and junk level Read More +

Phil Cannella Explains Medicare Coverage of Long Term Care Needs

Phil Cannella explains that many people seem to think that Medicare will cover long term care costs such as: stays in a nursing home or costs for a caregiver to provide in-home services. Sadly it is no so, many people have this misconception and Phil Cannella is finding himself giving more and more people the facts on the subject. Medicare only covers medically necessary care and focuses on medical acute care, such as doctor visits, drugs, and hospital stays. Medicare coverage also focuses on short-term Read More +

Phil Cannella Explains Not All Annuities are the Same

Phil Cannella explains that not all annuities are created equal and that indexed annuities have many moving parts. It is important for a consumer to understand these parts and what to expect. What upsets Phil Cannella is hearing consumers complain when their financial advisor did not adequately explain the annuity they purchased, leaving them confused and caught by surprise when they don’t make the expected gains. Phil Cannella explains that the only way to avoid this confusion is to receive a thorough education on the Read More +

Phil Cannella Guides You through the Unknowns of Retirement

Phil Cannella knows exactly how difficult it can be for a senior or anyone facing the prospect of retirement to navigate the dangerous and unknown waters of the financial world. Wall Street is like an ocean where “financial sharks” and other perils are sitting just underneath the surface ready to strike at an unsuspecting victim. Phil Cannella makes a good point when he explains that- “It is the ignorance and lack of knowledge of the financial world that many financial advisors prey upon in order Read More +

Phil Cannella Analyzes October Jobs Report

The October jobs reports brought fresh news to the Fed that the country’s economy is getting back on track. The jobless rate in 2009 hit a high of close to 10% and since then has been steadily decreasing hitting a 7-year low of 5% as of the end of October 2015. Over 271,000 jobs were added in the month of October, which was considerably higher than expectations. Along with that, average hourly earnings climbed by the most since 2009. Phil Cannella has carefully examined and Read More +

Phil Cannella Warns Consumers Beware of Inflation

All too often Phil Cannella hears from consumers who mistakenly take all their investments out of the market and put them in CDs or money market accounts. Though generally regarded as “safe,” the problem with CDs and money market accounts is that they are bleeding value due to the fact that they are not keeping up with inflation. While it is an absolute fact that one should have an emergency fund to allow for 6 or 9 months of spending, keeping large amounts of assets Read More +

People Come from Across U.S. to Meet Phil Cannella

Phil Cannella’s proprietary Crash proof Retirement System has made headlines not just in the Philadelphia region, but across the country because of the outstanding success Phil Cannella has achieved in not only protecting his client’s assets but also in growing them through both volatile and non-volatile market conditions. With many of his clients seeing double-digit returns, (and not a single one of his clients losing any of their principal to market risk,) people from across the country have been clamoring to hear and see Phil Read More +

Phil Cannella’s Mission: Crash Proof Retirees

Phil Cannella is quite passionate about the beliefs for which he stands. As a true, consumer advocate one of the things that Phil is most zealous about is protecting and preserving retirement nest-eggs from the next market crash. Phil Cannella compares this to an attack of locust. If you’ve ever seen a locust wreak its destruction on a crop then you know exactly what Phil is referring to. Just imagine a swarm of insects descending on a fresh, ripe crop and destroying every bit of Read More +

Phil Cannella Offers Stability and Security to Retirees

Phil Cannella believes that once you hit that stage in your life where you are going to depend on the assets you have accrued during your working years, you cannot afford to be subject to market risk and volatility. Once you have retired, you are no longer in the position to go back into the workforce if you don’t have enough money to live off of for the next 20 – 30 years. It is a sad commentary on the state of the investment industry Read More +

Phil Cannella Talks About Wall Street Greed

Phil Cannella has been saying for years that the titans of Wall Street don’t give a hoot whether their investors make money or lose money. At the end of the day, it is their own pocket book that matters the most to them. He makes a point that it is a sad commentary on the state of the financial services industry that so many lack any sort of fiduciary duty. Perhaps more to the point is that hedge fund managers and large Wall Street banks Read More +

Phil Cannella, The Nation’s Foremost Retirement Expert

Phil Cannella has been engaged in the business of helping retirees secure their financial futures for almost 40 years now. Whether working to protect their assets by pioneering long term care insurance in the 1970s and 1980s, or as he does today, protect a retirees’ investments through his proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System, what Phil Cannella does day in and day out is unique among financial professionals Most financial advisors only focus on one thing: their own pocketbook. By keeping their clients’ assets invested in Read More +

Phil Cannella Explains Fiduciary Duty

Phil Cannella often speaks of a fiduciary responsibility. What many people ask is, “What exactly is that?  According to the dictionary, the word means, “involving trust, especially with regard to the relationship between a trustee and a beneficiary.” The reason Phil Cannella speaks about this so often is that people in the financial industry should hold a fiduciary duty toward their clients, yet so few do. A fiduciary must act selflessly in the best interest of his clients. Yet so many financial professionals don’t do Read More +

Phil Cannella Comes to the Aid of Hurricane Sandy Victims – Phil Cannella Media

Phil Cannella made a meaningful contribution Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella, made a strong and meaningful contribution to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The physical and emotional devastation that natural disasters can bring about is very, very, very alarming. We’ve all seen this all too often and Phil Cannella has witnessed many himself in his very colorful life. Phil Cannella made a sizable donation It is for the betterment of the people around him that Phil Cannella decided to make a sizable donation Read More +

Phil Cannella Explains Asset Based Long Term Care – Phil Cannella Blog

Phil Cannella explains insurance coverage Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella explains that there are other ways to provide for long term care insurance coverage other than the traditional monthly or annual premiums that some are not too fond of. Phil Cannella factors in long term care as a crucial element As Phil Cannella explains it: “There’s a life insurance instrument called asset based long term care coverage (LTC) that provides the money you may need to cover medical care and assisted living Read More +

Phil Cannella Says Don’t Deplete Your Nest egg – Phil Cannella News

Phil Cannella warns to watch for life events Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella warns us to watch out for life events that may deplete out nest egg unexpectedly and he tells us to protect ourselves against such circumstances happening to us. What Phil Cannella is warning us about is the need for some form of long term care as one ages and the costs inherent with such care can be too much for 99% of our civilization to easily deal with. Phil Cannella Read More +

Phil Cannella Demands an End to Insider Trading – Phil Cannella Media

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella is not one to sit quietly while unscrupulous individuals take advantage of the everyday investor for their own profit. Exposing this type of behavior has become a vocal point for his Crash Proof Retirement™ program for the very purpose of bringing the truth to the American retiree. An excellent case in point is one that Phil Cannella points to as occurring too often: Insider Trading. What exactly is “Insider Trading” though? It could be defined very simply as Read More +

Phil Cannella Says “Plan for Longevity” – Phil Cannella Blog

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella makes a very good point that if we only knew how long we were going to live, in other words if we knew when we would die we would certainly be able to plan out financial futures far better. Alas, that is just not possible. Phil Cannella explains that predictions can be made on a large group based on the laws of averages, but how do those averages relate to you. Phil Cannella points out that you could Read More +

Phil Cannella explains the Rule of 100 – Phil Cannella News

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella examines a fundamental principle of the financial industry which is popularly known as the rule of 100. This is quite a simple rule really, that is based on the premise of how much risk an individual should be invested in and it gives you a good yardstick to follow. For more than 70 years as Phil Cannella explains, this guideline has been used and followed and has worked time and time again. The way it works is that Read More +

Phil Cannella Offers You a Safe Retirement – Phil Cannella News

Phil Cannella developes distinctive system Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella has developed a very distinctive system that enables anyone, who takes the time to get educated on his system to “crash proof” their investment accounts. All over the map you will hear about people offering risk-free retirement or safe retirement solutions or a variety of means to protect and preserve your nest egg. The question is, can all these people who claim they can do so, really and truly do so. Well, Phil Cannella Read More +

Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella Believes in Wealth Preservation

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella poses an interesting question: If you were to venture on a journey through the mountains, over rough terrain, across the dessert, what sort of vehicle would you choose? You might say a Mercedes or a BMW or a Hummer! Really, what you would want is a safe, secure vehicle that can handle the designated journey ahead. Phil Cannella makes the analogy that your progress through life and specifically retirement requires vehicles where you keep your money or grow your Read More +

Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella Discusses Reverse Mortgages and Long Term Care

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella has worked in the field of retirement for almost 40 years now. His focus was initially with the concerns of people as they age and require nursing home care, home health care or some form of long term care. Phil Cannella became a leading pioneer in long term care insurance and thereby helped thousands. As with so many things Phil Cannella tackles, he looks at them as a true professional and made it his business to understand a problem Read More +

Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella Clarifies Who a Reverse Mortgage is Appropriate For

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella doesn’t think a reverse mortgage is right for everyone. On the contrary, Phil Cannella makes it very clear that each individual’s or families’ situation is different and varied and one must take a look at each by their own merits and determine what is right for the person or couple one is sitting in front of. Where a reverse mortgage is often right, as Phil Cannella explains, is with retirees who in many cases don’t have massive IRA accounts; Read More +

Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella Says Interest Bearing Investments = Protection in Retired Years

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella explains that when we talk about fixed investments, the word “fixed” applies to your principal; you can’t ever lose it.  This is very different from fixed income, so it’s imperative that you recognize the distinction.  Phil Cannella goes on to say: “Fixed income generally refers to bond instruments, which are securities wherein your income is fixed but your principal remains subject to rising and falling interest rates.  As we have seen in the media, interest rates are extremely volatile Read More +

Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella Details the Fixed Investment Advantage

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella has looked at the advantages of fixed investment vehicles for seniors and sheds some piercing insight as to why these are right for people in retirement. As Phil Cannella puts it: “The most advantageous financial instruments for people in retired years are fixed investments.  This is in part because of their safe positions away from the stock market.  When you own products from a premier class of fixed annuities, you’re protected against loss of principal and aren’t subject to Read More +

Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella Looks at the Accumulation Phase and the Retirement Phase of Life

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella, a true expert on retirement planning, and a man who has helped thousands of seniors lead a more secure and safe retirement by protecting their assets against market crashes, has looked at the differences between the accumulation phase of life and the retirement phase of life. Phil Cannella makes a point that in the Accumulation Phase when you work and sacrifice, save and invest, diversification is the name of the game.  You really only have one major goal Read More +