Phil Cannella Creates A Crash Proof Masterpiece

What makes Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof Retirement System special? Phil Cannella says the secret lies in the carefully crafted, finely-tuned arrangement of Crash Proof vehicles. Each individual’s specific Crash Proof Retirement plan is comprised of multiple financial vehicles that, when placed together in the Crash Proof Retirement melting pot, yields a well-protected, risk-proof nest egg.

“The best way I can explain it is to compare it to a symphony orchestra,” explained Cannella. “Like musical instruments, all financial instruments have principles that they will follow to make that instrument work for its designed purpose.”

Just as you wouldn’t make up an orchestra entirely of violins, a well-diversified portfolio cannot consist only of investments shrouded in risk. As Cannella is fond of saying, “If you use a financial instrument for its designed purpose, it won’t use you.”

That’s why it takes up to 36 hours for the Crash Proof Retirement design team to put together one individual’s—or one couple’s—specific Crash Proof Retirement. Picture the chaos or an orchestra during practice or tuning—they’re not on the same sheet of music. There’s no tempo; no harmony. This same chaos reigns over many investment portfolios. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds—these individual investments aren’t crafted with the others in mind. They’re not on the same page. Only in this case, the result isn’t an orchestra that’s out of sync—it’s your retirement future, left unprotected from the volatility of Wall Street.

Why is Crash Proof Retirement different? Each financial instrument is precisely tuned, in time and at the same tempo as its accompanying instruments. Just as the orchestra has a tune and a tempo, now your retirement accounts have a goal and a time frame.

“I have developed a financial music sheet that takes these Crash Proof vehicles, and assigns every one of them a goal and a time frame,” said Cannella. “If there are eight vehicles, they have eight goals and eight time frames.”

That time frame doubles as the life expectancy of an individual or a couple. Instead of banking on a single investment to offer you protection in retirement, you’ve diversified and coordinated your accounts in conjunction with your chosen time.

In the end, the Crash Proof Retirement System plays a melody of protected principal—you’ll never lose a penny or move backwards. This is one performance that will have any audience calling for an encore.