Phil Cannella News: Phil Cannella Recommends a Little Bit of Planning

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella is a firm believer in planning. What is “planning” exactly? Some may think of it as Estate Planning, an activity performed by some trained financial advisors and Estate Planning is something that is important for all. What Phil Cannella is talking about is something even more basic than that.

If you look at life you need to have a plan for various eventualities. For example, if someone  without a plan were to die, and he or she as the breadwinner in the family to die, he or she would be doing a disservice to the family. Phil Cannella likes to have a plan in place to help people overcome possible difficulties they could encounter. It is this planning that Phil Cannella views as critical to ensuring a safe and secure retirement.

In Phil Cannella’s words: “What happened to my family and my grandfather shouldn’t and doesn’t have to happen to anyone. To steer clear of the hardship we suffered, all we needed to do was a little bit of planning before or even after my grandfather retired. Unfortunately for my family, no one told us or warned us about the concealed hazards that loomed ahead for my grandfather in his long-awaited retired years.”

And so it was that Phil Cannella’s grandfather ended up needing nursing home care and this hit right at the family’s savings and caused undue hardship on all. A little bit of planning could have prevented that.