Phil Cannella Says “Plan for Longevity” – Phil Cannella Blog

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella makes a very good point that if we only knew how long we were going to live, in other words if we knew when we would die we would certainly be able to plan out financial futures far better. Alas, that is just not possible. Phil Cannella explains that predictions can be made on a large group based on the laws of averages, but how do those averages relate to you.

Phil Cannella points out that you could live longer and you could also live shorter so what do you plan for? That’s the age-old question every retiree has to consider when planning out their retirement. Frankly, a retiree should consider living past the average if he or she wants to plan well.

This is exactly how Phil Cannella devised the Crash Proof Retirement System™. It is designed to factor in an individual’s goals and objectives for their retirement and based on the volume of assets and the income an individual needs on an annual basis, the crash proof retirement guide lays out a system to protect and grow your assets while at the same time allowing you to spend your assets to cover one’s needs.