Phil Cannella, The Nation’s Foremost Retirement Expert

Phil Cannella has been engaged in the business of helping retirees secure their financial futures for almost 40 years now. Whether working to protect their assets by pioneering long term care insurance in the 1970s and 1980s, or as he does today, protect a retirees’ investments through his proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System, what Phil Cannella does day in and day out is unique among financial professionals

Most financial advisors only focus on one thing: their own pocketbook. By keeping their clients’ assets invested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, many financial professionals are raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars of commissions on the assets they are supposedly “managing.” Yet a careful review of most brokers’ and advisors’ performance will demonstrate that their management is not even worth the fee one is paying for, for they rarely, if ever, outperform the benchmark index.

Phil Cannella on the other hand, works tirelessly without charging any fees for his work, to not only protect his client’s assets but also grow them with safety. With many of his clients seeing 6%, 7% and even 8% average returns over the last several years, Phil Cannella is one of few who deserve the title “financial professional.”

Too many financial advisors claim to have a fiduciary duty, yet when one looks closely at the results of their work, they don’t deserve the title.

In contrast, Phil Cannella stands as a financial industry veteran who has spent decades campaigning for American seniors and their rights to enjoy the fruits of their hard work and deserve that they be properly informed of the financial choices they can make.

Phil Cannella shows us all how to safely grow our monies without having to be concerned about geopolitical events and turmoil. Thousands have been helped by his work to protect seniors.