Phil Cannella Turns A Zero Into A Hero

Phil Cannella educates investors around the tri-state area on how to avoid losses in or near retirement. At Crash Proof Retirement educational events, Phil Cannella addresses standing-room only crowds with this surprising question:

“Who would have loved to earn 0% in 2008?”

Sounds crazy, right? Why would anybody be happy with making 0%? But when the subprime mortgage industry started to struggle in 2007, the memory of the stock market crash earlier that decade was still fresh in Phil Cannella’s mind. It had led him to create the Crash Proof Retirement System, a proven means of preserving—and growing—your investment principal without market risk or fees.

After the market crashed in 2001-2002, Phil Cannella created the Crash Proof Retirement System to protect the interests of Americans in or near retirement who still wanted to experience market gains—but didn’t have time to make up their losses should another market crisis strike. Phil Cannella knew these investors could benefit from a carefully-crafted selection of fixed-class financial instruments.

Phil Cannella’s brainchild paid off almost immediately for his clients in 2007-2008, when the markets sank for the second time in a decade. But this was more than a correction or even a crash. This was a full-blown collapse of the country’s economy—the worst since the Great Depression. Just look at these statistics:

• The S&P 500 dropped an astonishing 57% over the 18-month duration of the financial crisis. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 54%.
• In 2008 alone, the average American with a 401(k) account lost almost 25% of the balance in that account.

It wasn’t until the middle of 2009 that the markets began to cover. By that time, many Americans lost 30%, 40% or even 50% of their retirement savings.

So it’s easy to see why Phil Cannella considers the 0% return of that era to be a significant achievement for Crash Proof Retirement consumers, who watched the stock market lose more than half its value in 2008.

“The Crash Proof Retirement System is designed so that when the market goes up, you go up,” says Phil Cannella. “But when the market goes down, you stay even.”

After the last six years of market highs, it’s time to protect what you have by getting educated on Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof Retirement System. Will the next market turn be a correction? A crash? Or something worse, like the 2008 crisis? No one knows. But when it happens, you’ll want to be safeguarded by the Crash Proof Retirement System—so you too can see why Phil Cannella likes to say “Zero can be your hero.”