Phil Cannella Warns Consumers Beware of Inflation

All too often Phil Cannella hears from consumers who mistakenly take all their investments out of the market and put them in CDs or money market accounts. Though generally regarded as “safe,” the problem with CDs and money market accounts is that they are bleeding value due to the fact that they are not keeping up with inflation. While it is an absolute fact that one should have an emergency fund to allow for 6 or 9 months of spending, keeping large amounts of assets in a bank, that is losing value, is fatal. This is another major factor Phil Cannella considers when designing a Crash Proof Retirement System for a consumer. The financial vehicles that are careful chosen for the system cannot only be safe from market risk, but they must also provide for potential growth, and that growth has to be above and beyond what inflation is doing in order to keep up with inflation, so that you can enjoy your retirement. Phil Cannella’s exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System takes into account all of the major factors that could derail a retirement and has put a guaranteed system in place that will prevent a retirement from crashing.

Millions of consumers have heard Phil Cannella’s Cash Proof message either on the radio, television or live at one of his many Crash Proof educational events, where he enlightens and educates on all the critical factors that must be brought together in order to give an individual or couple peace of mind that they are safe and secure in retirement. Phil Cannella’s clients don’t have to be concerned about market risk or inflation destroying their retirement years. Crash Proof consumers have peace of mind and comfort knowing their assets are going to grow predictably and with safety. Thousands of testimonials from Crash Proof consumers speak volumes about Phil Cannella and all he has done for retirees.