Phil Cannella’s Mission: Crash Proof Retirees

Phil Cannella is quite passionate about the beliefs for which he stands. As a true, consumer advocate one of the things that Phil is most zealous about is protecting and preserving retirement nest-eggs from the next market crash. Phil Cannella compares this to an attack of locust. If you’ve ever seen a locust wreak its destruction on a crop then you know exactly what Phil is referring to. Just imagine a swarm of insects descending on a fresh, ripe crop and destroying every bit of it. It doesn’t take long for total destruction to occur and once it’s over, the land is completely devastated and left barren, and those who are left depending on that crop to survive the winter have been left with nothing or very little.

This hypothetical locust-attack on a vegetable crop is exactly the same analogy Phil Cannella uses when he describes Wall Street attacking the retirement savings of unsuspecting people in or near retired years. Too many financial professionals are swarming over the same investment accounts & gouging the fees out of them, while leaving the investments subject to market risk and exorbitant fees & commissions. This not only devastates one or two accounts but leaves the financial accounts of millions of Americans in ruins.

As Phil Cannella explains at his exclusive Crash Proof Retirement Educational Events, it is more than likely that your retirement accounts can be wiped out just as fast as locust can destroy a crop, if the accounts are left in the hands of unscrupulous Wall Street securities advisers. Through forces beyond any of our control, vested interests can create situations in one part of the world that will have a devastating effect in another part of the globe, and you better protect yourself against that possibility. Phil Cannella created the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System to effectively remove “rot” from the investment accounts of Crash Proof consumers and thereby “Crash Proof” them from market risk, all fees (hidden or otherwise), and financial devastation. Phil Cannella has created the antidote to destroy the locust which is Wall Street risk and corruption and that is– his exclusive & proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System that has helped Crash Proof the retirements of over 4,000 consumers.