Phil Cannella News: Phil Cannella’s Mission to Save the Retirement Accounts of Seniors

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella has a mission in life and that mission can be seen in Phil Cannella’s passion that drives Phil Cannella to serve the senior population across the tri-state area. Phil Cannella, utilizing the national headquarters of First Senior Financial Group, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, works tirelessly to save retirement accounts from the perils of Wall Street.

Phil Cannella campaigns for the rights of seniors through his Crash Proof Retirement Show® that airs every week on CBS radio and provides invaluable knowledge of his Crash Proof Vehicles.

This is Phil Cannella’s dedication to the American retiree. This paid programming is designed to educate and inform, as does his Crash Proof Educational Events that are held throughout the tri-state area in some of the greatest venues up there such as the William Penn Inn.

Phil Cannella wants to make it comfortable for all seniors to live a happy and healthy retirement, which is why he goes to the lengths he does to provide the succor he does. After attending one of his educational events, he will take his education to another level by further educating you on the market so that you can make intelligent and informed decisions for yourself regarding your finances.