Phillip Cannella Blog: IRA Distribution Mode, an Exit Strategy Revealed by Phil Cannella

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella is on a mission to help Americans live the American dream of retiring comfortably and securely. He helps his clients avoid the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), which can lead to heavy erosion and taxation of your financial accounts during your retirement years. As a retirement financial specialist, Phil Cannella knows that you can bypass the RMD and turn your nest egg into tax-free vehicles that remain tax-free even after you begin to take income from them.

Phil Cannella has the answer, which is the Roth conversion law, put into effect by the IRS over 12 years ago. By converting your tax-deferred retirement account into a Roth, it gets transformed from a tax-infested account into one that provides you with tax-free income you can use at any age and for the rest of your life. To top that off, if you manage it correctly, your Roth account can be stretched over the life expectancies of your spouse, children, and grandchildren, creating a legacy you can feel good about.
The Benefits of a Roth Account:
It grows not just during your working years, but over your entire lifetime
It is tax-free
It repels market risk
It can be parlayed into three generations of non-taxable income

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