Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella, The Financial Apostle

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella is a financial apostle. Many of us think of an apostle as one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. Another definition of apostle is a “vigorous and pioneering advocate or supporter of a particular policy, idea or cause.”


Phil Cannella, through his Crash Proof Educational Events, teaches basic principles of financial security and through his passion and efforts he is a strong advocate of senior citizens who otherwise would be at the mercy of lesser financial professionals who take advantage of the ignorance of the many.


As a financial apostle, Phil Cannella has made it his business to inform the uninformed, to educate the uneducated and to enlighten the unenlightened. He does this at his weekly educational events and he does this day in and day out crash proofing senior citizens retirement accounts.


Anyone who protects seniors against market risk is taking valuable steps to help our seniors. It is with Phil Cannella’s education that reaches hundreds every single month that allows consumers to become better informed and better able to help themselves.