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Phil Cannella Complaints

Phil Cannella Complaints – Phillip Cannella ComplaintsPhil Cannella Complaints, Speaks With Former Inspector General of the SEC About Financial Fraud in America. Phil Cannella is on a mission to investigate the financial industry and find the flaws of Wall Street. He cuts through the fluff and gets answers by interviewing experts in the financial industry with his assertive and powerful questions.

Phillip Cannella Complaints

Recognizing that as we look back on the stock market over the past century, it has been concluded that it isn’t a safe arena for the little people, those who have worked a lifetime to accrue their nest egg, Phil Cannella seeks answers. He asks H. David Kotz, the then Inspector General of the SEC, what he would say to the American who has retired and is trying to hang on to what they’ve worked for in a time when the risk of scams is high.

Kotz response doesn’t necessarily provide solace, however. While agreeing it’s a great concern and sympathizing with Americans, he simply reiterates that there are people out there who prey on the weakest, putting so many people at risk of various schemes. He doesn’t seem to have an answer. Do you? Make your comments below, and listen in on Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof Retirement Show® to learn more.

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