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Phil Cannella Lawsuit

Phil Cannella Lawsuit – Phillip Cannella LawsuitPhil Cannella Lawsuit, seeking justice in this country is not easy. While laws exist to protect our rights, the cost of litigation can be so expensive that filing a case can be too burdensome for many. Even if one lives a saintly life, there is no telling one might not become the victim of an online campaign to destroy one’s reputation. History is strewn with the ravages inflicted through calculated and cunning defamation campaigns.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit • Phillip Cannella Lawsuit

In the olden days, long before the internet, such campaigns were conducted to get rid of targeted people, those in the way of a controlling group. Witness the Spanish inquisition. Being labeled a heretic, even without a basis in fact was enough to get you killed.

Consider the Knights Templar, some of the most talented craftsman in Europe many, many hundreds of years ago, were carefully gotten rid of by a carefully constructed campaign of lies. “Charged with a host of offenses ranging from heresy, devil worship and spitting on the cross to homosexuality, fraud and financial corruption, the men [Knights Templar] were brutally tortured…”

Phil Cannella found himself in just the same position in the modern day world of the internet. A band of people, using fictitious screen names posted hundreds and hundreds of statements online without an ounce of credibility attached to support the statements. The site was factually a hate site serving to destroy Phil Cannella’s reputation online and hence his business. In the modern world, due to the nature of the internet and the way it is used by consumers, it effectively served notice of imminent death.

Making matters worse, the identities of the creator and posters of the online hate site were anonymous. In an effort to seek justice, Phil Cannella filed a lawsuit against the anonymous individuals in federal court citing violations of the Lanham Act, Defamation, Tortious Interference With Business Relationships and Civil Conspiracy. For Phil Cannella it was time to take the gloves off and get some justice. After many months of litigation, the court issued a ruling in his favor and issued a permanent injunction against the website. The court’s order read in part:

“While lost business profits can be compensated by monetary damages, harm to reputation cannot. Considering the balance of hardships between the plaintiffs and defendants, action in equity is warranted. Defendants are being enjoined only from making false statements and accusations that defame the Plaintiffs. Considering other possible remedies, this injunction is the least restrictive means of guarding against the imminent, irreparable injuries to the Plaintiffs’ reputations and business. Finally, a permanent injunction would not disserve the public interest. Defendants’ false statements and accusations do not aid in encouraging public discourse or disseminating information; instead, they merely smear the Plaintiffs’ reputations. Therefore, issuance of a permanent injunction accompanying default judgment is warranted.”

The significance of a permanent injunction in this regard is great. It refrains the guilty party of an action permanently. By definition, a permanent injunction is: “A final order of a court that a person or entity refrain from certain activities permanently or take certain actions (usually to correct a nuisance) until completed. A permanent injunction is distinguished from a ‘preliminary’ injunction which the court issues pending the outcome of a lawsuit or petition asking for the ‘permanent’ injunction.”

In this case, justice was served, and Phil Cannella’s tarnished name was saved and protected against the rantings of a few who sought to bring him down and destroy his reputation online. The real story of Phil Cannella can be found when visiting his website: