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Phil Cannella: “How many researchers do you

have within side your department?”

Alicia Munnell: “So I actually run a center, which is generally paid for by, you know as I said, soft money not easy money, but money you get from foundations and other places. The center consists of 22 people, some doing research directly, others helping us with dissemination getting the word out, and others doing support activities of many forms.”

Phil Cannella: “I see you have a Steven Sass that’s an economic historian, that’s very interesting to me because I realized if you have a rear view mirror and you look at history, at some point it can give you a windshield to the future. Do you believe that?”

Alicia Munnell: “Well he yeah, he’s a very smart guy. I actually, he and I wrote a book together on working longer, but he also wrote sort of the definitive history on pensions in the United States.”

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