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Phil Cannella: “So what are you working on

now that’s going to help people? Help them get through some of the financial storms that we may or may not be coming into.”

Alicia Munnell: “So the direct things I would say that’s something that actually Steve is working on which is a checkup, are your affairs in order? And he has a list, I think it’s probably too long a list because it’s eight items, I don’t think people can do more than-”

Phil Cannella: “Eight items? Joann’s working on a pamphlet, 25 steps every woman should take.” [laughter]

Alicia Munnell: “No, no Joann I’ve got to talk to you, and you have to talk to Steve. I think that anything that’s more than three is just too much for people, because as I said you know their financial life is only one part of their total activities, and so we need to get things simple. But anyways, so he’s doing a lot of stuff in this area of trying to make the financial decisions that people face easy and get them engaged at a early time.”

Joann Small: “Alicia I’m going to take you up on that offer.”

Alicia Munnell: “So and then we’re actually reissuing a book on how to fix social security, it’s non partisan, it’s right down the center, and you know basically there’s two ways to do it, you put more money in or you pay fewer benefits, and every proposal that you hear falls under one of those two and you know the choice depends on how you value different things, but the motivation for that booklet was so that is we think Social Security should be fixed sooner rather than later. We were concerned that people in Congress have a tendency not wanting to do something painful now for a crisis that’s not going to happen till 2033, and we were trying to say to citizens in the United States, listen if your congressman votes for an increase in revenue or cut in benefits to get this program in balance you should applaud him not vote him out of office, and so that was the point of that.“

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