Phil Cannella Reviews – Phil Cannella Answers; Who Inherits Credit Card Debt?

Phil Cannella Reviews, Phillip Cannella Reviews, Phil Cannella Lawsuit, Phil Cannella Complaints Phil Cannella set out to explain what happens to left over debt that comes following the death of a family member, spouses, ex-spouses, and even adult children find themselves with a surprise inheritance. Phil Cannella explains that when a person dies, their estate pays credit card balances and other debts. If a person dies with more debts than assets to pay them, creditors can be out of luck—and often are. But there are Read More +

Phil Cannella Crash Proof Retirement: Phil Cannella Explains the Roth Conversion – Phil Cannella Crash Proof Retirement

Phil Cannella Crash Proof Retirement Phil Cannella Crash Proof Retirement – Phillip Cannella Crash Proof Retirement: Phil Cannella Crash Proof Retirement is a big advocate for the Roth conversion, and we’ll sum up why in this article. An IRS law that was established in 1998, the Roth conversion allows you to convert any IRA into a financial instrument that will grow tax-free. This law, which most people don’t even know about, is what will save you from tax-infestation, allowing you to outlive your nest egg. Phillip Cannella Crash Proof Read More +

Phil Cannella Reviews: Phil Cannella Assures You: You Can Create a Legacy for Your Family – Phil Cannella Reviews

Phil Cannella Reviews Phil Cannella Reviews – Phillip Cannella Reviews: Phil Cannella Reviews, investigative reporter and founder of Retirement Media, Inc, is often found asking his clients: Would you like to build a family fortune, one that can be parlayed into three generations of wealth? By taking the right steps, anyone can make that dream a reality. Phil Cannella has helped thousands of individuals live that American dream simply by informing them of the IRS and IRA laws that favor you as a retired American. Phillip Cannella Reviews Laws Read More +

Phil Cannella Complaints: Phil Cannella Speaks With Former Inspector General About Financial Fraud in America – Phil Cannella Complaints

Phil Cannella Complaints Phil Cannella Complaints – Phillip Cannella Complaints: Phil Cannella Complaints, Speaks With Former Inspector General of the SEC About Financial Fraud in America. Phil Cannella is on a mission to investigate the financial industry and find the flaws of Wall Street. He cuts through the fluff and gets answers by interviewing experts in the financial industry with his assertive and powerful questions. Phillip Cannella Complaints Recognizing that as we look back on the stock market over the past century, it has been concluded that it isn’t a Read More +

Phil Cannella Lawsuit: Phil Cannella Wins Lawsuit Citing Defamation Claims – Phil Cannella Lawsuit

Phil Cannella Lawsuit Phil Cannella Lawsuit – Phillip Cannella Lawsuit: Phil Cannella Lawsuit, seeking justice in this country is not easy. While laws exist to protect our rights, the cost of litigation can be so expensive that filing a case can be too burdensome for many. Even if one lives a saintly life, there is no telling one might not become the victim of an online campaign to destroy one’s reputation. History is strewn with the ravages inflicted through calculated and cunning defamation campaigns. Phil Cannella Lawsuit • Phillip Read More +

Phil Cannella News: Stay Updated on Phil Cannella – Phil Cannella News

Phil Cannella • Phillip Cannella Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella has websites online which are your place to find all your news about Phil Cannella and Crash Proof Retirement™.  On his websites you will find updates from Phil Cannella’s Twitter Feed, Facebook Page, Blogs and more!  If you’re a fan of Phil Cannella and Crash Proof Retirement™, following him online has never been easier. All of his websites are designed to keep you up-to-date on your favorite Senior Advocate, Author, Radio Host, and Retirement Phase Expert. Read More +

Phil Cannella Talks to Retirees on the Market – Phil Cannella Blog

Phil Cannella • Phillip Cannella Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella stands against an industry that is fighting to keep retirement assets at risk. A sizeable percentage of the investments found in the stock market belongs to Americans aged 50 and up, so you might understand why the Securities Exchange Commission is protective over its market and why its representatives—your financial advisors—want to protect it. Phillip Cannella • Phil Cannella Phil Cannella often points out at his educational events that it’s retiree’s money that’s Read More +

Phil Cannella Comes to the Aid of Hurricane Sandy Victims – Phil Cannella Media

Phil Cannella made a meaningful contribution Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella, made a strong and meaningful contribution to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The physical and emotional devastation that natural disasters can bring about is very, very, very alarming. We’ve all seen this all too often and Phil Cannella has witnessed many himself in his very colorful life. Phil Cannella made a sizable donation It is for the betterment of the people around him that Phil Cannella decided to make a sizable donation Read More +

Phil Cannella Explains Asset Based Long Term Care – Phil Cannella Blog

Phil Cannella explains insurance coverage Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella explains that there are other ways to provide for long term care insurance coverage other than the traditional monthly or annual premiums that some are not too fond of. Phil Cannella factors in long term care as a crucial element As Phil Cannella explains it: “There’s a life insurance instrument called asset based long term care coverage (LTC) that provides the money you may need to cover medical care and assisted living Read More +

Phil Cannella Says Don’t Deplete Your Nest egg – Phil Cannella News

Phil Cannella warns to watch for life events Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella warns us to watch out for life events that may deplete out nest egg unexpectedly and he tells us to protect ourselves against such circumstances happening to us. What Phil Cannella is warning us about is the need for some form of long term care as one ages and the costs inherent with such care can be too much for 99% of our civilization to easily deal with. Phil Cannella Read More +

Phil Cannella Demands an End to Insider Trading – Phil Cannella Media

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella is not one to sit quietly while unscrupulous individuals take advantage of the everyday investor for their own profit. Exposing this type of behavior has become a vocal point for his Crash Proof Retirement™ program for the very purpose of bringing the truth to the American retiree. An excellent case in point is one that Phil Cannella points to as occurring too often: Insider Trading. What exactly is “Insider Trading” though? It could be defined very simply as Read More +

Phil Cannella Says “Plan for Longevity” – Phil Cannella Blog

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella makes a very good point that if we only knew how long we were going to live, in other words if we knew when we would die we would certainly be able to plan out financial futures far better. Alas, that is just not possible. Phil Cannella explains that predictions can be made on a large group based on the laws of averages, but how do those averages relate to you. Phil Cannella points out that you could Read More +

Phil Cannella explains the Rule of 100 – Phil Cannella News

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella examines a fundamental principle of the financial industry which is popularly known as the rule of 100. This is quite a simple rule really, that is based on the premise of how much risk an individual should be invested in and it gives you a good yardstick to follow. For more than 70 years as Phil Cannella explains, this guideline has been used and followed and has worked time and time again. The way it works is that Read More +

Phil Cannella Offers You a Safe Retirement – Phil Cannella News

Phil Cannella developes distinctive system Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella has developed a very distinctive system that enables anyone, who takes the time to get educated on his system to “crash proof” their investment accounts. All over the map you will hear about people offering risk-free retirement or safe retirement solutions or a variety of means to protect and preserve your nest egg. The question is, can all these people who claim they can do so, really and truly do so. Well, Phil Cannella Read More +

Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella Believes in Wealth Preservation

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella poses an interesting question: If you were to venture on a journey through the mountains, over rough terrain, across the dessert, what sort of vehicle would you choose? You might say a Mercedes or a BMW or a Hummer! Really, what you would want is a safe, secure vehicle that can handle the designated journey ahead. Phil Cannella makes the analogy that your progress through life and specifically retirement requires vehicles where you keep your money or grow your Read More +

Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella Discusses Reverse Mortgages and Long Term Care

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella has worked in the field of retirement for almost 40 years now. His focus was initially with the concerns of people as they age and require nursing home care, home health care or some form of long term care. Phil Cannella became a leading pioneer in long term care insurance and thereby helped thousands. As with so many things Phil Cannella tackles, he looks at them as a true professional and made it his business to understand a problem Read More +

Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella Clarifies Who a Reverse Mortgage is Appropriate For

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella doesn’t think a reverse mortgage is right for everyone. On the contrary, Phil Cannella makes it very clear that each individual’s or families’ situation is different and varied and one must take a look at each by their own merits and determine what is right for the person or couple one is sitting in front of. Where a reverse mortgage is often right, as Phil Cannella explains, is with retirees who in many cases don’t have massive IRA accounts; Read More +

Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella Says Interest Bearing Investments = Protection in Retired Years

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella explains that when we talk about fixed investments, the word “fixed” applies to your principal; you can’t ever lose it.  This is very different from fixed income, so it’s imperative that you recognize the distinction.  Phil Cannella goes on to say: “Fixed income generally refers to bond instruments, which are securities wherein your income is fixed but your principal remains subject to rising and falling interest rates.  As we have seen in the media, interest rates are extremely volatile Read More +

Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella Details the Fixed Investment Advantage

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella has looked at the advantages of fixed investment vehicles for seniors and sheds some piercing insight as to why these are right for people in retirement. As Phil Cannella puts it: “The most advantageous financial instruments for people in retired years are fixed investments.  This is in part because of their safe positions away from the stock market.  When you own products from a premier class of fixed annuities, you’re protected against loss of principal and aren’t subject to Read More +

Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella Looks at the Accumulation Phase and the Retirement Phase of Life

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella, a true expert on retirement planning, and a man who has helped thousands of seniors lead a more secure and safe retirement by protecting their assets against market crashes, has looked at the differences between the accumulation phase of life and the retirement phase of life. Phil Cannella makes a point that in the Accumulation Phase when you work and sacrifice, save and invest, diversification is the name of the game.  You really only have one major goal Read More +

Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella Explains Where a “Roth IRA” Gets Its Name From

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella, being a well-educated financial advisor, has studied IRA laws in depth including the differences, advantages and disadvantages alike between the Traditional IRA and the Roth IRA. Phil Cannella is a vocal proponent of Roth IRAs for the simple fact that once the taxes are paid on the monies, the account can grow tax-free and you will never face another penny of taxes on the principal or interest gained. The word “Roth” seems a little clumsy and Phil Cannella Read More +

Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella Comments on the Benefits of a Roth IRA

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella is well versed in IRA regulations and the laws imposed by the IRS relating to retirement accounts and their tax favored status. Most people are well aware that a traditional IRA lets you grow your money on a tax-deferred basis which means that you don’t have to pay taxes on the monies you put into the IRA nor on its growth as long as the money sits in the IRA. As Phil Cannella explains, once you start taking distributions Read More +

Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella Speaks on the Prospect of Higher Taxes

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella, a retirement specialist, focuses on helping those in their retired years lead a successful and comfortable retirement. Phil Cannella does this through expert guidance with an individuals or family’s finances. One of the issues Phil Cannella has with retirement is that social security, which is professed to be there to provide for people once they hit the age of 65, will not have sufficient resources to last another 10 – 20 years unless taxes are increased or government Read More +

Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella Talks Frankly with the Inspector General About the Security of his Job

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella expresses empathy in regards to some of the difficulties that come along with being Inspector General of the Securities and Exchange Commission in this short clip taken from his two-hour interview with H. David Kotz. Recognizing that Kotz has a burning desire to find the truth, Phil Cannella asks if he ever worries about getting so close to the truth that he might lose his job, a valid fear for someone in his position. While Kotz doesn’t deny the Read More +

Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella’s Tips for Living Without Taxes During Retirement

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella proves time and time again that it really is possible to live out your golden years comfortably, receiving a steady income that allows you to maintain the lifestyle you are used to without handing over a large part of it to the IRS. The problem is that living without taxes during your retirement years requires specialized strategies that are only known about by retirement specialists. Phil Cannella’s Steps to Living Tax-Free During Retirement: 1)    Team up with a retirement Read More +

Phillip Cannella Blog: IRA Distribution Mode, an Exit Strategy Revealed by Phil Cannella

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella is on a mission to help Americans live the American dream of retiring comfortably and securely. He helps his clients avoid the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), which can lead to heavy erosion and taxation of your financial accounts during your retirement years. As a retirement financial specialist, Phil Cannella knows that you can bypass the RMD and turn your nest egg into tax-free vehicles that remain tax-free even after you begin to take income from them. Phil Cannella has Read More +

Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella Explains the Process of Probate

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella is certainly very knowledgeable in all areas of retirement planning. He has spent much time learning the laws and regulations relating to the planning of a seniors finances so that he can most optimally counsel and advise his clients. One of the areas of Phil Cannella’s expertise is in the area of probate. Phil Cannella tells us what probate is as when saying, “Probate is the legal process of assessing the assets one has accrued during their lifetime and Read More +

Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella, An Expert on Legacy Planning

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella understands that planning for retirement also includes what is known as legacy planning that factors in and provides for what one is leaving behind and for whom. It is not as simple as just making a will. As Phil Cannella explains there are tax implications that need to be considered. As Phil Cannella puts it: “You can leave a legacy behind and the way to do it is by structuring your IRA accounts in such a way that you Read More +

Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella On Creating a Legacy

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella emphasizes that when one creates a retirement plan one needs to look at many factors in order to devise the right plan for the individual’s or family’s needs. Phil Cannella makes the point that there is no cookie-cutter approach to retirement planning. This is where Phil Cannella lays an emphasis on the objectives and goals of an individual as well as his or her tolerance for risk in order to properly and accurately advise. Another overriding factor is what Read More +